National Wear Red Day 2014 – Go Red For Women

National Wear Red Day 2014 is the first Friday each February.  This day helps bring awareness and attention to the #1 silent killer in women.  The American Heart Association started this great campaign with the red dress as its iconic symbol for the battle against Heart Disease in women.

National Wear Red Day 2014

On National Wear Red Day 2014, women are encouraged to wear red, know their risk and take action.

Why do we say Silent Killer?  Yes, because it often has no symptoms and is even more deadly than all forms of cancer combined.  #HarrisburgGoesRed

Statistics are:

*One in three women will die from heart disease

*This is equal to approximately one death per minute

*Heart Disease deaths outrank breast cancer as a cause of death for women10-fold

 Risk Factors:

*Cigarette smoking

*High Blood Pressure

*High Cholesterol

*Being Overweight

*Poor Diet

*Physical inactivity


*Metabolic Syndrome

 Knowing some of the risk factors will help you think about ways to change.  Prevention is the key!

Taking ownership and learning new healthy habits and changing your lifestyle are important in the prevention of Heart Disease. 

The American Heart Association has a great website with all kinds of information about how to prevent this disease.  

Here are a few topics they have on prevention.

Chose a healthy lifestyle – Your diet, weight, physical activity and exposure to tobacco smoke all affect your cholesterol level and heart disease risk and these factors can be controlled by:

Eating a heart healthy diet

 Enjoying at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, and more than two days a week muscle strengthening activities

 Avoiding Tobacco Smoke!

 Know your fats – Cook with Heart Healthy recipes. 

 For more information on prevention:  Check out the AHA Website. 

 Star Express Limousine Service over the years has donated to the American Heart Association Capital Heart & Stroke Ball with items for their silent auction.  It’s great to be a part of a wonderful fundraiser to help raise money for the local community. Star Express Limousine will be wearing red for National Wear Red day 2014 will you?

The 2014 Capital Heart & Stroke Ball has grossed $180,000 which will go a long way in saving lives and improving the health of men, women and children right here in our community by funding research, educational programs, and advocacy in cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Happy National Wear Red Day 2014

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