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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer :-

The fall equinox has finally arrived. September reluctantly gave way to October, and the leaves have decided it is time to follow nature’s pattern and move on. With autumn dawning upon us, we welcome change. We welcome reflection on days that have passed us by and ask old man winter to be gentle on our skin. We welcome pumpkin festivals, pumpkin-spice infused treats, early morning bus stop visits with our children, and preparing for the coming winter hibernation with our family and friends. We anticipate Sunday car drives to catch a glimpse of the exotic browns and reds replacing the usual deep forest greens of the summer and wearing hooded sweatshirts during Halloween parades. We welcome fall with open arms, and look forward to the beautiful experience it offers us.

In lieu of reflecting, we at Star Express Limousine utilize the month of October to recognize and participate in National Breast Cancer awareness month. We have experienced the tragedy of loss first-hand through the years, and have decided to offer our support and love to fellow members in our community who come face-to-face with the unapologetic disease. As a business, we feel that is it crucial for us to support our local community, for the kind spirits that surround us are the very essence of our business. It is only right that we support those who support us.

The American Cancer Society has set up a series of events throughout the month of October known as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. On October 19th, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania will host a walk that begins on City Island. The walk is designed to bring community members together to walk in solidarity while paying homage to our loved ones who have lost battles to breast cancer. We will be walking to honor those who are currently battling the disease, to raise awareness, to raise money that aids in cancer research, and to give women the opportunity to have a proper mammogram for those who are unable to afford it.

Star Express has assembled a 35 member team who has created a campaign to raise $2,000.00 in support of the American Cancer Society for making strides against breast cancer. With nearly two weeks left in the campaign, we are proud to say we have exceeded our goal! We are proud to say that our efforts and your donations will help nearly 2.9 million breast cancer survivors celebrate another birthday! We could not have achieved this goal without the kind help of our community in which we are so proud to be a part of. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you

If you are interested in contributing to our efforts, or participating in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, we encourage you to visit our team website using the following website address:

We hope that you join us in the fight against the disease known as cancer. We stand with our fellow human beings with the intention to rid this world of cancer at any cost, and will walk until our feet are sore. Won’t you join us? So what are you waiting for help us by participating in making strides against Breast Cancer.

strides against breast cancer

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